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 The floor in a factory or warehouse

Get a firm grip on safety flooring

In the commercial sector, the safety of both employees and customers cannot be underrated. Often overlooked, the floor surface can be a common source of danger for all who use it.

Although modern vinyl is often designed to give fairly good grip, this won’t be enough in high-risk areas. Handle dangerous or fragile goods? Work with wet and damp surfaces? For grip you can truly rely on, you've got to turn to safety flooring. And, with our expert team of safety flooring fitters, who better to buy it from than Hoopers Carpets?

Steady feet and clean floors

 A changing/locker room

From swimming pools and changing rooms to hospitals and kitchens, it’s essential to have a floor that provides good grip in every situation. Covered in water, grease or other fluids? Most floors would become hazardous, but safety flooring provides an unprecedented level of grip.

We can even supply you with special heavy duty options, excellent for warehouses where heavy vehicles are used. Don’t risk a lawsuit – make your workplace a safer environment for all concerned.

Static control flooring

 A hospital hallway

Work in a hospital or in the electronics industry? For you, it’s important to make sure that static discharge is kept to an absolute minimum, so that it doesn’t interfere with your systems or cause injuries to employees or patients.

We’ll supply and fit static control flooring to your premises. We can also advise you if you’re not sure whether static control flooring is necessary in your workplace.

Complement your safety or static control flooring with other great flooring options, such as vinyl.

Want to ensure the safety of all your employees and customers?
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